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Contacting Shipwrecks UK

Please use the online form below, or email, to let Shipwrecks UK know what you are seeking...

Shipwrecks UK welcomes your enquiries, and will often be uniquely qualified to answer them if they concern shipwrecks in the seas surrounding Britain and Ireland. Please make contact using the online form below, or by email, in the first instance. We'll then agree a way ahead; a financial contribution towards the ongoing work will normally be necessary as this helps to fund the invaluable Shipwrecks UK research tool that is available only through Shipwrecks UK. I continue to enhance this encyclopaedic and powerful resource.

The interactive, ever-expanding Shipwrecks UK resource will not be made available on-line (and ideally free to use) unless and until I can be confident of supporting the costs associated with this labour-intensive project. Significant sponsorship and/or community grants would help to make it free for access by all but, meanwhile, its sophisticated capabilites and very large dataset of more than 50,000 shipwrecks in the seas surrounding Britain and Ireland will be used to answer all your queries where we agree to proceed. It is a powerful and unrivalled tool for the maritime information detective and the benefits of being quickly able to search the data to find answers and provide context are clear.

Shipwrecks UK particularly welcomes enquiries from those with a keen interest in our maritime heritage (including genealogists) whether personal or professional researchers. Responses to enquiries, following agreement, will normally be in the form of a comprehensive pdf document. Sometimes a concise, rapid answer can unlock a mystery that enquirers have not been able to solve themselves. Shipwrecks UK offers unique capabilities, and charges are very modest but some degree of funding is almost always necessary.

Shipwrecks UK will be very happy to quote for providing e-books covering details of multiple wrecks for a wide range of parameters such as date ranges, cargoes, locations, cause of loss, voyage origin, etc (and permutations of these and many others to suit your requirements). Thematic maps will normally be included to illustrate the answers to your enquiry. Shipwrecks UK can provide invaluable data for Environmental Impact Assessments and historical maritime information supporting similar surveys.

Contact Shipwrecks UK by:

  • Using the on-line form below. I will always try to get back to you within 72 hours with a considered reply; or

  • Email to Alan at research@shipwrecks.uk.com

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Shipwrecks UK Online Enquiry Form

After completing the form and clicking on SEND, you will receive initial confirmation that Shipwrecks UK has received your enquiry, and - normally well within 72 hours - I will email you details of what can be provided in response, with timescales, costs and payment methods for you to endorse (or otherwise).




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You are welcome to submit 'no cost' enquiries but, in this case, please start your enquiry with "FREE REQUEST" and recognise that you will receive a follow-up response only if I am free to do so and (normally) the enquiry also offers benefits to the ongoing maintenance and expansion of Shipwrecks UK. Please bear in mind that funding is necessary to continue this work. You are always welcome to provide information about any connection you may have with shipwreck events.


From time to time enquiries have gone adrift, sometimes overlooked as a result of disruptive spam. When this happens, and you do not receive a response within a week at the most, apologies, but you may need to re-submit your enquiry. Please check that emails to you from Shipwrecks UK have not been mis-labelled as spam.

Any contact details you provide to Shipwrecks UK are handled solely to enable it to deal with your request and to retain a record of this. No information that you provide will be passed, or shown, to any third party. The details will be held solely on a securely-protected PC. When the details are no longer required for these purposes they will be deleted and Shipwrecks UK will not continue to hold them in any form. The means of contacting Shipwrecks UK with your enquiries is through email or use of the online form above. This is Shipwrecks UK's sole means of collecting contact information. The contact email address is research@shipwrecks.uk.com. Shipwrecks UK will contact you only in connection with your enquiry. Please do not contact Shipwrecks UK to offer search engine optimisation or similar services.