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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shipwrecks UK now available?

Shipwrecks UK received its first public airing at the Nautical Archaeology Society Conference in Portsmouth on 12th November 2005, where it received significant plaudits. These have been added to many times since, most recently at the Tercentenary Commemorations for the HMS Association loss.

Many people saw demonstrations at the 24th International Shipwreck Conference in Plymouth on 4th February 2006, and the system has also been very favourably reviewed, following `live` demonstrations, by: the Director, Collections and Research and Head of Online Projects at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich; the Editor of Diver Magazine; staff at the National Monuments Record in Swindon; staff of Wessex Archaeology in Old Sarum; PADI International in Bristol; Dava Sobel, Sir Arnold Wolfendale and others at the Tercentenary Commemorations of the `Association` fleet loss in 1707; staff of Oxford Archaeology; University of Oxford International Programmes; Britannia Naval Research Association; Diving and Manned Submersibles Committee of the Society for Underwater Technology (chaired by Dr John Bevan); Curator and Archivist of the Museum of London, Docklands; and Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre.

It already provides unrivalled functionality, using web technology, and its content exceeds that made available in print through the Shipwreck Index. It will never be 'finished', any more than archaeological research can ever be considered finished. We are ready to release the product live, on the world wide web, as soon as the financial aspects associated with public access have been resolved.

What will Shipwrecks UK cost to access?

We continue to explore options for the system to be made available on the web free of charge (while becoming ready for other alternatives if necessary). In this way there would be no obstacle to its widespread use. We are aware of demand from educators, archaeologists, government departments, historians, genealogists, divers and many other groups of users. We also wish to encourage addition, amplification and correction of content (eg as more becomes known about a wreck and its position). A subscriber system would inevitably inhibit the take-up and thwart a wider appreciation of the maritime heritage of the British Isles.  If you are interested in sponsoring Shipwrecks UK, to support free access to the full on-line resource, then please contact us


Shipwrecks UK Ltd

Who is Shipwrecks UK aimed at?

Anyone who has a personal or professional interest in shipwrecks and the maritime heritage of the British Isles. For those who have an urgent requirement for British Isles shipwreck information (for example, by the media in conjunction with breaking stories) then Shipwrecks UK will be especially valuable.

How will Shipwrecks UK be updated?

Alan Jones and Richard Larn are continuing to update and refine content, building on the vast amount of accumulated shipwrecks data contained originally within Richard and Bridget Larn's Lloyds Register Shipwreck Index volumes. This includes making their considerable photographic archive available to users of the site. Shipwrecks UK also values highly the contributions of others with shipwreck expertise, whether through recreational and archaeological diving, in-depth knowledge of locations, shipbuilders, shipping lines and the like, or through personal associations with particular shipwrecks. Photographic and other illustrations for use on the site will always be appreciated and credit will be given, with a link to providers' own sites if this is desired. If Shipwrecks UK can become a free, community resource then this will inevitably encourage contributions of information and graphic resources.

Where can I see a demonstration of Shipwrecks UK?

We provided a demonstration of the Shipwrecks UK resource as part of our presentation to the 26th International Shipwreck Conference on 9th February 2008 on `Mapping our Shipwreck Heritage`.

If you would like us to arrange a demonstration for you and / or are interested in becoming a sponsor for Shipwrecks UK then please contact Shipwrecks UK.

What are the system requirements for Shipwrecks UK?

Shipwrecks UK provides information-rich, easy-on-the-eye displays, exploiting up to date web features. Most PCs bought within the last few years will support the requirements which are:

  •  1280 x 1024 display.
  •  The free SVG 3 viewer if this is not already installed.
  •  JavaScript enabled.

  •  Broadband connectivity.

How many wrecks are detailed within Shipwrecks UK?

Well over 44,000 shipwrecks, within the sea areas surrounding Great Britain and Ireland. The number continues to grow, as a result of additional research, acquisition of additional historic reference material, and new wrecks.

Can I submit questions about shipwrecks in the seas surrounding the British Isles before the Shipwrecks UK system is publicly available?

Richard and Bridget Larn, and Alan Jones, will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have and to prepare a well-researched response. There will be a modest charge for this service to cover ongoing costs. Please contact Shipwrecks UK Ltd.

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